I’ve always wanted to try this.

I took 2 pairs of jeans, and dyed one pair with RIT Dye in Wine.












Next, I split the seams in each leg.


I wanted the skirt to be knee-length in the front, so I cut the excess fabric.  I then used that fabric to patch the front of the skirt.  Once sewn, I folded it in half and cut the bottom, shaping it into a slight arch.

For the side panels, I used a bit of the dyed denim (turned inside out for color contrast) and the other blue jeans to create a bit of a ruffle and to make a smooth curve from the shorter front of the skirt to the longer length in the back.


Here’s how it looks so far:












Then, I used a leg from the other pair of jeans to complete the back (in a sort of bustle skirt effect).




























Next, I just added the little pocket from the blue jeans to accent the front of the skirt.




































Next, I trimmed any extra fabric and loose threads in side the skirt.



I had patched the hole in the back with fabric from the pocket, but decided to remove it.  It was too visible from the front.




































I love this skirt.  After it goes through the wash a few times and gets nice and frayed at the edges, it will be perfect!




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