crown /kraʊn/ v.

  1. (of a baby in childbirth) to reach a stage in delivery where the largest diameter of the fetal head is emerging from the pelvic outlet.
  2. to honor or reward; invest with honor, dignity, etc.
  3. To surmount or be the highest part of.
  4. to complete worthily; bring to a successful or triumphant conclusion


For the artwork accompanying my new site & EP Crown, I wanted to challenge myself with a new craft.  I’d become captivated with wirework and beading.  I made numerous trips to the craft store and stocked up on basic materials, with which I had no real idea how to work.  I tried to read some books & watch instructional vids online, but my gemini self grew bored and decided to just wing it.  Here’s what I did:


Note to self: Never crochet with wire again. It is the ultimate suck.

❤❤❤ pumashock


PS – Funny tidbit:  I actually took this shot by myself.  I set the camera on the bathroom counter, hit the timer, then rushed over (on all fours) to the wall for the shot.  The crown kept slipping off, my knees were raw from crawling back and forth, and getting the lens to maintain focus was a real pain.  I’m a true DIY-er, no?

What a silly puma…

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