I realize I’m a bit late with this, but I feel compelled to share nonetheless.This is a video called “Mirror, Mirror” created by Peter Philips, Creative Director of CHANEL makeup.  It’s an incredible visual showcasing the brand’s new Rouge Allure lipstick collection (available September 2012).  I don’t much care about lipstick; but gluing tiny mirrors and crystals all over one’s face for the sake of fashion?  I’m a believer.  If I can develop a way to apply this mirror face mask in 5 minutes, it shall be my daily guise.  This, I understand, will be no small feat, as it took Philips 3 hours to painstakingly apply the bits of glass on model Inguna Butane.  Le sigh.   

If I had this mask and a bag of shrooms, I reckon I’d never leave the house.

It reminds me of Bjork’s crystal mask in her video for “Oceania” – another look with which I’m thoroughly obsessed.

According to Philips, the mask was inspired by Karl Lagerfeld’s mirror-encrusted coat from the CHANEL Paris-Bombay Pre-Fall 2012 Collection.  Check it out – very chic.

View the rest of the collection here.

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